Windows 17 ( Windows 10 ) Pro x64 v1703 Build 15063 download

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Information: –

Name: – Windows 17 Pro

Source: Windows 10 version 1703 Build 15063

Author: – Khatmau_sr

Credit: – Soft4Win for ISO manufacturing

Activate: – Activated

Description: –

Font of Windows 10, version 1703, built 15063, with some changes in Windows to achieve the fastest speed, but still suitable for all users. I took the name Windows 17 because the root is Windows 10 but the interface is Windows 7 style.

Removed components: –

Windows apps

Windows Protector


What has been added: –

Take back the traditional launch pad with more customization.

The Explorer interface is also customized to facilitate window manipulation and management.

Soft software installed: –

Office 2016






VC ++ Activate .Net

Windows Photo Viewer

Lots of tweets to make windows quick and easy

Windows, Office and other software are enabled.

Snapshots: –