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When you get tired of Windows default sound If you are the type of person who likes to change every little thing you can do when given a chance, this small but powerful app can be a great addition to your collection of tool conversion tools. Introducing the Voice Changer is a customizable software that lets you change the default sound to start your computer for whatever you want. It’s a very simple program, but it’s good you can try it if you want to handle your computers. Normal Tune Anyone who is used to control Windows computers will surely memorize their normal start sound. The start sound is what the computer will play when it starts for another period of use. This is one of the sounds that people will connect to Windows all the time, mainly because it is one of the sounds that you cannot change. By default, Windows allows you to change the appearance of your operating system, including wallpaper, screens, your audio theme with a variety of commands, and even mouse type. However, Windows does not allow you to go too far. And if you want to change some of the default services, you’ll need to turn to a third party (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Time ChangeSwitch Audio Switching is one of the third-party software that allows you to change the sound when you start your computer. Created and promoted by, the app almost lives up to its name. With it, you can set each sound file as a new startup sound so you can hear it every time you turn on your computer. There are only three functions in this application. Playback lets you hear the current audio file at startup, so you can check if your changes have occurred. Switch, on the other hand, allows you to change the current sound with a new audio file. However, it must be in WAV format. Finally, Restore restore your changes, allowing you to return to the default melody. However, users should note that they must have the administrator’s permission to make any changes. Unfortunately, this is only a small part and for the intended purpose. Also, although you do not need to install it, it does not find shortcuts that you can easily find. So, if you want to make changes again, you need to take the downloaded file to run it. Some features are also very missing. It also only supports WAV files. Instead, you may want to get a new version of it, Winaero Tweaker, as it has other architectural tools along with it.