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After the tragedy, a group of boys were sent to a detention center where they were tortured. Thirteen years later, an unexpected random encounter with a former caregiver gives them a chance to take revenge.
Barry Levinson Author:
Lorenzo Carcaterra (book), Barry Levinson (script) Stars:
Robert De Niro, Kevin Bacon, Brad Pitt | As a child, Lorenzo Carcaterra – shaking hands with friends – Michael Sullivan, Tommy Marcano and John Reilly were inseparable. They grew up in Hell’s Kitchen, far from the perfect neighborhood, filled as Shakes says with deception and shaking, but the rules by which the rules are known and easily understood by its inhabitants. The adult they admire is Father Bobby Carelli, who understands them as children more than most adults and more than he himself wants to admit. In 1967, their lives would change forever when the usual teenage jokes took place, resulting in the four being convicted in different ways at Wilkinson Home for Boys, a reformist. There they were physically, emotionally and sexually assaulted, especially by Sean Nokes, the cell guard for their cell block, and co-guards Ralph Ferguson, Henry Addison and Adam Styler, although there were other qualified officers in the house, including several other guards. Their time at home affects four people, …