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Unlimited Internet access Psiphon is a tool to bypass the developers of Psiphon Inc. which uses VPN Proxy, SSH, and HTTP technology so you can have uncensored access to all Internet content. As you move, the customer will learn about new access points to avoid blocks with freedom of navigation. Today, many people have limited access to the Internet for one reason or another. This is often due to restrictions by the employer or the government. With Psiphon for Windows, you can access the content you want, without restriction. Avoid censorship either from your country, corporation or school. Downloading and Using Psiphon It is easy to download this Psiphon for your computer and run it on your device. You should receive a security query. Once you decide to start the client, it will start connecting automatically. Users have the option to select the desired tunnel mode. When the connection icon stops rotating and green is displayed, it means that your connection has been established. If you are in SSH and SSH + mode, the program will automatically set Windows proxy settings that all major web browsers should follow. There is also the possibility of a split tunnel where international traffic is routed through a proxy server, while domestic traffic is not. You will need to check the option that states do not have a proxy site. When you do this, Psiphon will log all non-proxy domains in the message box. Connecting to the server The interface shows the status of your connection, although it does not highlight your new IP address. You can choose a server from more than 20 different regions, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Spain, Switzerland, India, and Canada. A new browser window will appear showing your new IP address. The speed will vary depending on your connection and you may want to experiment with some of them to find the right one. Fast enough that you can browse the web and access content without interruption. You can watch videos, but don’t expect streaming in 1080p or later. Open Source The wonderful quality of this software is its openness, which means that the source code is freely available and can be distributed and modified. This helps increase transparency, which is rare in the VPN industry. Psiphon is updated from time to time and is subject to expert review. Privacy and Security All your data passing through Psiphon is encrypted, but the software is not designed for surveillance. Your ISP will not be able to see the content of Internet traffic, such as web pages you have seen, chat messages, or shows. Psiphon does not prevent you from storing browsing history and cookies on your computer, and depending on the method you use, not all traffic is tunneled. Because this service is free, some of your information is sold to third parties for the purpose of serving ads to the customer. Miscellaneous difficulties Because Psiphon downloads proxy settings from your computer when connected, you should restore them to their original state when they are interrupted. Unfortunately, sometimes it does not restore them properly, which does later will cause problems with the internet connection with the device. Users will need to manually correct the proxy configuration. It is important to note that although Psiphon can be downloaded for free, it is illegal in many countries. Fortunately, the developers have included features that disguise the presence of users and disguise their identity. This should work in theory, but it is not a guarantee. AlternativeDownload Psiphon Pro, a version of ad-supported software, to subscribe and support the network. This will ensure optimized use of the program. The main purpose of this software is to circumvent censorship. There is no privacy or anti-surveillance, if you prefer a service that provides greater anonymity when browsing the Internet, try downloading the free Tor program or the free Surf Anonymous proxy. These apps will hide your IP address and ensure privacy. There are also better paid VPNs like NordVPN that can better match yours without restrictions. This free program includes the basics needed to go through boring digital censorship. Psiphon is not for security conscious users in the hopes of being 100% anonymous. There are other paid VPN services that can offer more in terms of privacy. The latest version does not require registration and offers a wider range of protocols than a simple VPN. Always be connected to a global network that contains thousands of servers and multiple access points.