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Pasiphon is a data transmission device from software developer Psiphon Inc. which uses VPN Proxy, SSH and HTTP technologies so that you can access census access to all online products. While browsing, customers will learn about new access points until you can pass the restriction by browsing (function {) (” review-app-page-desktop ‘); The Internet is designed for free access to information. For one reason or another, often due to employer or government restrictions, you can use Windows Psiphon to access the content you want without restriction. to download this Psiphon for PC and run it on your device.You should get security instructions.When you decide to run the client program, the program will start connecting automatically.Users have the option to select the route of the tunnel they choose.When the connection icon stops and the screen shows green, indicating that your connection is established.If you are in SSH and SSH models , the program will automatically set the settings of the Windows proxy server, which should be managed by all major web browsers. There is also another tunnel option where international traffic passes through the agent while local traffic does not. You should check the option by noting that it does not use the local agent’s website. When you do this, Psiphon will report a domain that was not processed in the message box. Connecting to the server interface shows the status of your connection well, even if it does not indicate your new IP address. You can select servers from more than 20 different regions, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Spain, Switzerland, India, and Canada. A new browser window will appear with your new IP. The speed will depend on your connection and you can trysome of the most suitable. Fast enough to properly browse web pages and access content. You can watch videos, but don’t expect to be able to stream 1080p or more. Open source The interesting quality of the software is that it is open source, which means that the original source code is freely available, it can be distributed and modified. This increases the transparency that is rare in the field of VPN. Psiphon is regularly updated and subject to expert evaluation. Privacy and Security All your data transmitted through Psiphon is encrypted, but the software is not designed to protect against surveillance. Your web service provider will not be able to see the content of your web traffic, such as the web pages you visit, chat messages, or your downloads. Psiphon does not prevent your computer from storing your browsing history and cookies, and depending on the situation you use, not all traffic is set. Because the service is free, you sell your data to third parties to deliver ads to the customer. Other Problems Due to booting from a PC, Psiphon changes the settings of your computer’s proxy server when connected, and it should be restored to the original state in case of damage. Unfortunately, sometimes it does not recover properly, which will cause problems with your Internet connection. Users need to set proxy settings manually. It is important to note that although Psiphon is a free download, it does not operate in the country much. Fortunately, developers have integrated services to hide the presence of users and hide their identity. This should work theoretically, but it is not a guarantee. Alternate downloads of Psiphon Pro, ad-supported versions, subscription networks and support. This will ensure better use of the software. The main purpose of this program is to preventfiltering. It doesn’t boast of privacy or anti-monitoring, if you prefer a service that offers more anonymity when browsing, try downloading the free Tor program or the Free Surf Anonymous agent. This program will encrypt your IP address and ensure your privacy. There are also more paid VPNs, such as NordVPN, that are more suitable for your restrictions. This free program covers the basics needed to distract digital filtering. Psiphon is not for users who are highly protected with 100% anonymous expectations. There are other paid VPN services that can provide more privacy. The latest version does not require registration and offers a much broader version of the protocol than just a VPN. Continue to connect to a global network that includes thousands of servers and gateways.