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Play people’s lives There are many simulation games available on the market today. But perhaps nothing is more disturbing than People Playground. Unlike children, this game is not for children. Why? Because this game involved murder. In fact, the concept of the game revolves around the means of killing. This is a game that is an internal killer “Many ways to die playground”, this is a game that shows you many ways to die. But, unlike the popular game Dumb Ways to Die, this game does not ask you to save the game’s characters from death. It’s the other way around. This is one of the most brutal games you can kill the most brutally (feature {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); The game is designed for people who like to throw ragdolls, but want to be more detailed and satisfying. In addition to shooting it at any part of the body, you have several ways to kill human characters in the game. You can sting, burn, poison, evaporate or crush. The game offers you a variety of items that you can use as weapons, from tanks and pistols to electrical wires, chemicals and fire. You can even build machines to see how they can be used to make things worse. You can try to understand whether the weapons you create can kill crowds of people. Yes, you can tie it and, if you want, pass it through a shredder. People Playground offers a free and open game with which players can have fun while Story, Pure Gruesomeness, some games, although very terrible, have stories. People don’t play. There is no story as to why you started killing people. The game begins and ends when you experience something to see how it can end a person in this case a ragdoll life. Of course, at first it can be fun, especially if you are stressed by the real world. But take some time and you’ll probably see the game as it is, just to add a sense of play, the developers,apparently did not bother to provide good graphics. The backgrounds are gray and black, and the humanoid ragdoll dolls are in pixels and almost white. In fact, it’s probably wrong to call them ragdolls, because no ragdoll blooms. Eventually you will see the colors in the weapons you build, and of course the blood. However, color schemes are so basic that they do not benefit from dark games graphically. Morbid Technically, People Playground is a good game. It has good physics, mechanics are easy to learn, and controls are easy to learn. But conceptually, this game is just disturbing. This is not a story and only concerns the need of players for violence. What happens in the game is so painful that you have to be crazy to play for hours.