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PDF-XChange PRO is the leading PDF solution. This is a package that combines the three best-selling apps produced by Tracker Software.

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PDF-XChange PRO is the leading PDF solution. This is a package that combines the three best-selling applications produced by Tracker Software.

PDF-XChange Editor Plus is a dynamic and fully customizable PDF application. Create, view, edit, comment, OCR * and sign PDF files and that’s just the beginning. If you work with PDF, this fully customizable product will optimize your work process to a level that other products cannot. Create PDF files of scanned documents, photos, text files, Markdown files and more. Open, edit and modify Microsoft Office documents. * Get more than thirty tools to help comment on documents, notes, links and forms that can be completed. This tool makes PDF editing an accurate and precise process that produces the highest quality documentation and image files. Our user-friendly functions are diverse enough to meet the needs of all practitioners, from beginners to professionals. **

PDF-Tools is a world leader in creating and manipulating PDF and image files. Easy to use, it can be used to convert files from almost any format to / from PDF. Get sixty-six standard standard tools, as well as functions to clone and edit these tools and their variables of your choice. Use the Operating Library to fully customize your tool and the Action Sequence Tool to determine the order in which you perform operations. Combine the seventy-three steps available to create your own gadget – out of billions of possibilities. PDF-Tools is compatible with large PDF files and can also handle large number of files at one time. Group conversion is your strength.

PDF-XChange Standard Printer is the best-selling virtual printer tracking software – the leading application for creating and printing industry-standard PDF files. It is compatible with files from almost all Windows applications, such as Word, Excel and AutoCAD, and comes with an optimized mechanism for converting text images and exceptional text characters. The files it produces are very small, because their quality allows for faster upload, less storage space and more data storage – even at high levels of compression. PDF-XChange Standard also includes integration with MS Office, which provides additional functionality, such as adding a clickable index and built-in URL support that make it easy to create external links.

What do you get when you combine these three functional and potential applications into one package? The answer is simple: unbeatable power at an unbeatable price. See below for more information on the features and functions of each product.

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