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Modern CSV is a program that can help you solve problems with editing CSV files, it provides a complete set of tools and modes with which you can correctly perform the necessary actions with them.

The application is perfectly configured here. It is well organized and currently has no bugs. This means that you will not encounter performance problems when using it, so the process of editing a CSV file seems very straightforward. Managing multiple files is as simple and efficient as one. The software actually allows you to import folders and lets you get started with the files right away. The application takes care of everything, selects all compatible documents from the specified directory and makes them available to the user.



Editing multiple items

Insert, delete, and duplicate rows and columns

Move and duplicate cells, rows, and columns

Transpose entire cells or tables

Fast charge

Handles hundreds of millions of lines

Read-only mode with extremely fast load times for very large files

Easy navigation through stations and other files

Delete, duplicate and rename files in the application

Light and dark themes

Variable number of header rows and columns

Find / Replace with Regular Expressions

Organize rows and columns

Filter rows and columns

Cure cells with commas and double quotes.

UTF-8 encoding

Handles many new lines (CR-LF, CR, LF)

Developer: PFOJ Enterprises

License: ShareWare

The language is english

Size: 40 MB

OS: Windows 7+

Last version:

How to install:

one). Instructions are included if necessary.

two). That’s it, it’s over