Microsoft Windows 10 Home and Pro x86 Clean ISO torrent download

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Microsoft Windows 10 Home and Pro x86 Clean ISO

Note: this installation file contains Windows 10 Professional and
Windows 10 Home. Consult your product key to determine which one
product included with your subscription

Windows 10 Pro
Windows 10 Pro is designed for the small and medium-sized businesses that make it possible
organizations to manage their devices and applications, protect their business data
facilitate external and mobile scenarios and utilize the cloud
technology for their organization. Apart from small and medium
Windows 10 Pro devices a great choice for organizations
supports the CYOD program

Windows 10 Home
Windows 10 Home is the ultimate Windows 10 experience for the average consumer
It offers a well-known and personalized experience combined with new innovations for
get a job and enjoy it. New features include: a brand new web
a browser made to do things online; Windows Hello, which is a user provider
warm reception and comfortable registration *; and a great new multitasking feature
including snapping multiple applications on the screen and creating a virtual desktop
for more space

File name: Language: English

NOTE: this is a clean ISO without any modification. There is no activator in Torrent. You can download the Activator from here