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Facebook Messenger is a free app that lets you chat with friends and family. It has many built-in features that make communication fun and interesting. You can send almost any image, GIF, video message, voice memo and sticker. It syncs automatically with your Facebook contacts so you do not have to enter phone numbers or IDs (Messenger) for everyone. and operating systems. You can use it on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and most web browsers. The interface remains the same no matter what device you are using. In addition to the main conversation, there are other ways to communicate with friends and family. You can make voice and video calls, share links and documents, and create group chats to manage your contacts. There are many ways to download and install this application. You can go to the app store or just download the Messenger APK and follow the on-screen instructions. Simple and powerful This app stands out for its convenience. It syncs all your Facebook posts automatically on multiple devices. This is consistent, whether you are at home or on the road. It’s easy to install and get started. After you start it, you are looking for someone to talk to and send a message to. This information also keeps track of the delivery times of messages and how your contact reads them. There are few delays in talking to friends. When you press the Send button, it sends messages almost immediately. Customize user experience You can customize the user interface as desired. With Messenger, you can change the background and chat bubble colors. There is also the ability to set alarms for each contact, ideal for distinguishing between work and social ringtones. The damping function is accurate for people you usually ignore. There is also a dark space that changes the white and blue theme of dark gray and black overlap. It is easy to see and uses fewer batteries. Unfortunately, OLED monitors cannot take full advantage of this feature because it is not completely blind. If you have an older phone and still want to use this information, there is an option. You can download Messenger Lite. It uses much less memory and still retains most of the features that come with the original. However, there are differences in user interface and usability. Messenger Lite does not upload images, so you will have to wait until high quality versions are downloaded. But the GIF and tag search features are much smoother. File Sharing This application is especially useful because it has the ability to share documents. You can upload photos, videos, spreadsheets and more. File types include .pdf, .jpg, .png, .doc, .mp3, and .mp4. Other communication applications, such as iMessage, restrict your posting. Because this Facebook option can work over a data connection, you can upload as many files as you need. Stories, filters and Games Messenger go beyond communication. As with Instagram, it has a space where you can share live broadcasts with your contacts. You can also select an image or video from your gallery to make it visible to everyone. It takes 24 hours before it disappears. This application also has many different filters that you can use. This includes basic colors and color changes, as well as the familiar facial features of Snapchat. Some work standard, while others change weekly. If you’ve bothered to talk to friends or decide on a wall, you can try one of these games. You can choose from Tetris, Galaga, Everwing, Space Invader and more.The most popular Facebook Messenger game is the 8-ball pool. Nothing breaks the ice like a quick game during a conversation. These games also keep track of the highest scores so you can compete with friends or set up a group chat and play with each other. The high scores only apply to the conversation from which the match was started, so each group has a different ranking. It’s a great and fascinating way to keep people connected. Lack of security Although this app is great, it does not have certain features that can keep you safe. Options like Telegramor WhatsApp do their best to keep your log hidden from the world. Messenger takes the opposite approach, without encryption or the ability to conduct secret conversations. Security is usually an important part of most web-based applications. Because the only information at risk is what you send in chat messages, the importance of this information is based on what you type. If you plan to use this app, keep in mind that your logs are not private and chat accordingly. Otherwise, your Messenger messages are an open application for your chatting needs. Messenger is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a simple and user-friendly communication system. While its safety can be questioned, it has too much to offer. The quality of the connection is constant and remains stable for video calls and file downloads. The extra bells and whistles make it more than useful; its use is just beautiful. In the latest update, the developers will release Facebook Payn. You can use it to make offline payments and buy online. Businesses now have a 24 hour time limit to respond to queries. You can also delete messages from everyone in the group chat and share the screen in video modes. Up to 50 people can be present without a time limit. Facebook has created this feature to compete with other apps like Zoom, Skype or the Microsoft team, so why not give it a try?