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You wanted it easier and safer. Just when you thought you wouldn’t see a new version of Internet Explorer on this side of the next ice age, Microsoft came into the world with its all-new version of its all-powerful browsing app.

The construction took so long that many network users got tired of waiting for Microsoft to update their technology and looked elsewhere, mainly towards Firefox.

The great, evil king of the browser world is now reluctant to see his crown sink, but can he do enough to win his descendants back?

First, the new simplified interface is definitely an improvement.

In fact, Microsoft has removed the menu bar by subtly hiding all tools and functions in small icons in the upper-right corner of the interface.

This allows you to view pages in a very large viewing area. IE has finally decided to support tabbed browsing. It includes a new tab button for instant opening, as well as an ingenious shortcut button that opens thumbnails of all open tabs on a single screen, and unlike Firefox, IE 7 actually has a close button on each tab.

You can even save groups of tabs as your home page to run after everything. We also liked that the print preview tool, which adapts the page to your work 7, has improved RSS integration. Each time you come across a site that supports RSS support, the toolbar icon turns a distinctive orange.

Click on it and a page will open with all the feeds for that website. Just click the subscribe link for this feed to add it to your favorites.

You can also order by clicking the small star icon on the left. However, unlike Firefox, there is no drop-down list for each item in the feed.

The Favorites Center, which can be accessed by clicking the large star icon, is divided into Favorites, Feeds, and History.

Security is usually one of the hallmarks of IE.

In addition to pop-up blockers, version 7 also has a phishing filter. To try it out, we’ve launched Phishtank’s famous phishing sites. Disappointingly, most of the filters did not report. Phishing protection may not be a strength of IE 7, but at least the browser includes SSL 2 security protocols.

0 and 3.0 as well as TLS 1.0, just like Firefox.

Despite all its improvements, IE is still far from perfect. Like Firefox, IE does not pass the Acid2 test and does not even support the latest standards.

We noticed that IE is delayed and dragged when it opens new tabs, opens the toolbar and uses new settings. You can add a lot of search bar providers and add-ons from the Microsoft website, but there are still a lot less of them than Firefox Mozilla extensions.

In addition, IE 7 is actually limited to those with XP SP2, and for some reason you need to disable your antivirus and restart your computer to install it properly (function (({) (‘review-app-page-desktop’);}) ;