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Tired of being alone on vacation, both guests admit each year that they are platonic, just to make a real impression.
By John Whitesel:
Tiffany Polsen Stars:
Emma Roberts, Luke Bracey, Christine Chenovet A chance meeting at the return counter introduces Sloan to Jackson. They both get tired of horrible dating (her) and interfere with her family during the holidays, agreeing to unite as a couple only during the holidays to make life more tolerable. Slowly, slowly, mocking the views on love (and what surprised them), their relationship turns into something deeper.

A veterinarian who can talk to animals begins the journey to discover a mythical island with a young student and a wonderful staff of animals.
Screenwriters by Stephen Gagan:
Stephen Gagan (film and), Dan Gregor (film and) After the death of his wife, Dr. John Doolittle (Robert Downey Jr.) decided to hide from the world with his favorite animals. But he must travel to an incredible island to find a healing tree, the only cure that can help the dying Queen Victoria (Jesse Buckley) at Buckingham Palace.