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The free web-based platform for online classes Google Classes makes teaching a more productive and meaningful experience for teachers and students. The teaching and training platform streamlines work, improves collaboration and promotes communication with large groups. It does this by allowing you to hold lessons, distribute projects and provide all feedback within the forum. Can Google users also integrate their Google Docs and Google Drive accounts into their Google Classroom file storage system? The Google Classroom is visible from other learning management systems or student information platforms as it integrates all G Suites tools into one intuitive interface. its users. Teachers can benefit from this program because it allows them to track their students and plan their results. As a teacher, you can do this on two popular platforms: Students and Flow. (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); The student section helps you get in touch with your students. You can choose to automatically enter their email addresses on Google or students can join the Google Email class. If you do last, it is important to give them a class number. In the Stream section, you can publish tasks, messages and questions to your students. You will spend most of your time here as soon as all your students join the group. His most famous ability is to create homework and projects. Each post can contain a job title, instructions and release date. The unique Google class number is on the left side of the group. Yes! How do you get into Google Classroom? Students must write this in code so that they can join the group. Basically, teachers are the only group members who can write to the group. To change this, go to the Students section so students can comment, post questions, and submit an app that remembers the date and make sure you accept all information. Students who change jobs late will automatically be marked if they are late. You can also attach a file to the functions you create. For example, you can attach a link to a copy of the information. This can be used as a writing task for your students. Files can be accessed from your hard drive, Google Drive, YouTube and other educational and memory related links. Students can attach their work to a post like Google Doc or as a DOCX file. You can open them directly in the classroom and test them each time your device connects to a handy teacher tool. Google Classroom is a fast way to run lessons for teachers and students. As a teacher, you can see which students are actively participating in the classroom and provide direct feedback on real-time for each student. In addition, you can use your time more productively, as students can present their work electronically. With your students, you can review the G Suite tools and how they can be applied to your class.