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Truck Simulator for Windows Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a downloadable driving simulator that allows you to be behind the wheel of a heavy-duty truck carrying cargo. With this Euro Truck Simulator tracking, you will perform a variety of jobs that require you to travel on roads around Europe, customize your equipment and discover new areas and great places. This simulation game is surprisingly addictive and is one of the latest racing games you can play. Start from the bottom, go up. With a little enthusiasm, you can start a small key game with a small home garage and a company that doesn’t have a truck in its name. However, you can choose the city where you want to live. You start by taking a job with another company as an escort from one city to another. This will allow you to earn enough money to buy your first truck. (Function () {(‘review-application-page-desktop’);}); Getting your own truck gives you more freedom to get a better-paying, more responsible job. Working in your own company freight is waiting for the selected page. You have to get him in the truck before you can take him to his final destination. The next step in buying a truck is to buy more trucks, hire drivers to get more revenue, upgrade your garage, and eventually build your kingdom. Euro Truck Simulator 2 is not just a simple truck simulation, but also an RPG element. You earn skill points for each successful job. Skill points can then be used to improve skills in certain competitions and to unlock new types of downloads. You can also place these points to save fuel. Travel Europe Euro Truck Simulator 2 may include RPG and monster elements, but driving trucks is still a staple of everyday life. The game offers a huge map that covers the whole of Europe. You have a lot of time on the open road and travel long distances. This is not the most visually advanced game to offer a reliable European street and city performance. Each area has a sense of personality from the shape of the traffic lights to the background atmosphere. Even the truck is very detailed. Owning a truck allows you to paint and upgrade it in different parts. If you ascend to a level, the customization options are various in-game controls and settings that you can configure to help you. You can choose the complexity of the management. You can shake the reliable keyboard or be more active by setting the wheel. There are instructions you can follow to help you get started. Like all car games, Euro Truck Simulator 2 is rooted in routine. This makes it easier to control the game. Still, don’t be too happy just because you’ve learned the journey. Any mistakes in this game will result in financial penalties. Damaged cargo shortens payment time, and damage to your truck requires service at a gas station where you have to pay. Almost every mistake made in the game is almost always the player’s fault, but sometimes the road is controlled by a faulty computer. The cars did nothing to prevent them from participating in the collision. If you manage to hit them, the driver has a nasty way of refusing to continue driving and you run into a second. Real Deal Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a genuine truck simulator. This is one of the bestjumping spots for anyone interested in The Sims. As a simulator, there are inevitable parts that seem slow and sometimes progress takes a long time. Still, it can be an easy-to-use simulation thanks to the introduction of more common game elements. Overall, the game itself was a great experience.