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CleanMyPC is a new organization that cleans and maintains Windows and MacPaw Inc. who has already gone on strike with his CleanMyMac product. CleanMyPC includes a set of cleaning tools for Windows computers. The main cleaning component promises to delete gigabytes of files from your computer, and is supported by five maintenance tools: Safe Remove, Completely Remove, Registry, Autorun, and Gadget Extension Manager.



* CleanMyPC analyzes the hard drive while scanning for files that can be safely deleted. It is divided into four groups – backup logs, help files, additional languages, and Recycle Bin. Let us go through them to explain what was found.

Savings logs

* Although Windows and software are running on your computer, they usually store pieces of completed data on your hard drive to speed up loading. These pieces are called cache files. But sometimes those programs do not delete files, and while some programs have cache management systems, many of them (including Windows itself) leave large data unattended on your disk. CleanMyPC can identify these files and show which ones are safe to delete. Memory files record Windows performance and usage and are usually used for information purposes. Removing them did not affect the performance of the program, but it could restore the hard disk space.

Help file

* Many applications (including Windows itself) contain support files that contain information about the operation and development of the program. You can delete secure backup files from applications you already use. With CleanMyPC, you can select help files by clicking the appropriate Help Files section on the sidebar and just select the ones you want to delete.

Additional languages

* Some applications also have a language-based translation (for example, Spanish, Russian or German). This only affects user interface translations – you can still type any language into the app. Since you only want your app in one language, you can delete some and get a chance. CleanMyPC scans your computer and finds software and multilingual translation, giving you the ability to remove extensions. If necessary, you can only check the translations of the software you want to clean.

Trash and trash

* In this section, CleanMyPC searches for a variety of files that you normally won’t find yourself, but you can still delete. These are:

– Restore bookmarks (backup files created by Windows. CleanMyPC does not delete the last restore process so you can restore your system every time.

– Reuse trash folders located on all your hard drives.

– Accident reports – files created by software and Windows when something crashes, software closes or a major error occurs.

Additional services

* In addition to cleaning and scanning services, CleanMyPC also has several built-in services designed to help keep your computer reliable, fast, clean, and works like new.

Safe deletion

* When you delete files from Bin Cleanup and Bin Cleanup, they can still restore the recovery software for third-party data. However, sometimes you need to delete the file completely – and here’s a safe removal of CleanMyPC to help. Files and folders deleted with secure deletion could not be found. This is achieved by placing zero files (zero separations) several times in the past, completely deleting them from the main disk.

Complete the installation

* SoftwareMost computers on your computer have different uninstall software that removes the software you removed from the system. However, some files (like program settings, cache, data, etc.) usually do not delete the software and interfere with your system by replacing disk space and slowing down your computer. The complete CleanMyPC removal feature helps you remove the software without leaving an impact. To do this, follow the on-screen instructions to start the factory installation, and when it finishes its work, CleanMyPC will pick it up and proceed to remove unnecessary garbage.

Registration Registration

* Windows registry is a database that stores configuration settings and settings for Windows itself and for all installed applications. Because all installed programs are read and registered in the Registry at the same time, which may also contain malicious software and spyware, it is sometimes confused or partially corrupted. This cannot be fixed manually (unless you have extensive technical knowledge and experience), and we recommend that you allow the CleanMyPC Registration Agency to handle your Registration. Click New Registry Scan to check your computer’s registry for problems and wait for the scan to complete. CleanMyPC finds invalid entries and gives you the ability to correct them all at once or voluntarily.


* Although it is easy to run programs directly on Windows, some programs may do so without your knowledge and you may want to prevent them from starting automatically. Removing software from autorun is usually inconvenient and sometimes uncontrollable – Windows stores autorun data in multiple locations, and finding a specific program can be difficult. CleanMyPC collects all programs that start with Windows in one simple interface – just hover your mouse over any program and click the appropriate Remove button to prevent it from continuing on Windows. You can enable it again in the same way.

Manage device extensions

* Windows (and other applications) install various hardware and add-ons on your system. Although some programs give you uninstall options, you sometimes do not have those options (which is very common for default devices and Windows extensions). CleanMyPC lists all extensions you can remove, and you can remove all of them at once or just the ones you want to remove. This cannot be undone, so remove any hardware or extensions you may need later.

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