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The cure for the future life with her daughter meets the good spirits of young people when they move to a dilapidated villa to free the buildings from evil spirits.
Authors Brad Silberling:
Joseph Oriolo (characters), Sherry Stoner Angry because his late father gave him only his sad house, not millions, Carrigan Crittenden (Kathy Moriarty) is ready to burn the place when he finds a map of the hidden treasure inside the house. But when he enters the trembling palace to claim his rights, he is afraid of the evil wave of ghosts. Determined to find this hidden treasure, he hires a life-after-life specialist, Dr. James Harvey (Bill Pullman) chases ghosts out of the palace. Harvey and his daughter Kat (Christina Richie) enter and Kat soon meets Casper (Malachi Pearson), the ghost of a young boy who is “the friendliest spirit you know.” But Casper’s uncles – Stretch (Joe Nipote), Faco (Brad Garrett) and Stinky (Joe Alaska) – who decided to drive out the “meat animals” are not very friendly. Ultimately, it’s up to James and Kat to help the ghosts pass.