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Free Bluetooth Manager for PC The Bluetooth Driver Installer is a free software program for Microsoft Windows PCs and laptops that manages Bluetooth functionality. The Light Weight app has a user-friendly interface that will guide you through the steps of troubleshooting Bluetooth, installing new drivers, and restoring your PC device. The app works with 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems from Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Bluetooth Driver Installer? The Bluetooth Driver Installer allows you to set up a single hub to manage your Bluetooth settings. Bluetooth allows you to connect to a variety of Bluetooth-compatible devices to play music, print documents, transfer files, etc. These Bluetooth devices can be computers, keyboards, laptops, printers, speakers, etc. If your computer has a Bluetooth connection to another device, the Bluetooth driver installer can scan the system settings to resolve the issue by looking for new problems or drivers to install. The driver update provides a solution for easy-to-recognize and easy-to-run Bluetooth drivers. The Windows driver installer includes steps to follow in a feature wizard that guides you through the process. The free software will keep you informed of each step taken. The current procedure is displayed at the top of the simple user interface. The action item is a bullet point installed under the announcement: create recovery point, install drive, patch, can I find my bluetooth drive? To optimize a computer or laptop, the bluetooth driver installer searches the system for a bluetooth adapter. During this process, the app informs you that the PC is being scanned: Find the Bluetooth adapter. If a device is specified in the system, the device will be displayed in the center area under Found. The wizard instructs you to click Next to install the driver. If you choose to update, the installation process will be listed under the message: Install drivers. When the Next button appears on the screen, you can test the Bluetooth adapter. The bluetooth driver installer tries to access the adapter using Microsoft Bluetooth advances. This is displayed in the central area of ​​the user interface while the program reads device information, displays data, and indicates the success status of the installation. The app gives you the option to provide feedback under the center console with a link: Report a successful installation. You can tap the Exit or X button to exit the drive. The installer works with most bluetooth adapters, although some versions are not compatible with free software. This software can install an adapter that is built-in or has a USB security status feature. Bluetooth driver installer developers demonstrate their concern for security by incorporating a recovery point feature in the program. After this platform organizes basic changes on a PC, there is a feature that lets you track adjustments made on a dedicated Bluetooth driver installer. The program generates reset points that can be reset to them. If the operation fails or the Bluetooth driver installer does not work, you can run Windows system recovery software to undo the changes. This handy addition, when combined with a free program, makes using theapp is an attractive option for older Bluetooth PC users. User Interface Although Bluetooth driver installers receive regular software updates, the user interface is outdated. Before you can use the software for free, you must accept the terms displayed on the welcome screen. The program version is displayed in a popup window during installation: Beta is the “About” button in the welcome screen in the lower left corner to learn more about the platform. Although there is a modest aesthetic in the user interface, the information conveyed somewhat, sentence is incorrect. The bluetooth driver installer fixes the design flaws by making the wizard function easy to follow and Bluetooth Wireless Bluetooth, SHAREit and WIDCOMM tools are similar applications that resolve bluetooth disputes. Intel Wireless Bluetooth is similar to Bluetooth Driver Installer in that both platforms find and install compatible drivers for their respective PC devices. These programs are not cross-platform and only work under Microsoft Windows. Intel Wireless Bluetooth software is developed and published by a well-known source: Intel Corp. Although the Bluetooth Driver Installer is reliable, the programmer does not have a known reputation. Intel Wireless and Bluetooth Driver installers are free to download. WIDCOMM Bluetooth optimizes Bluetooth connectivity. SHAREit does not rely on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks to send content. With SHAREit you can transfer files wirelessly through a revolutionary program. If you want to avoid Bluetooth connections altogether, the SHAREit app is an excellent paid option that is compatible with Android, Apple and Microsoft Bluetooth management software. The Bluetooth Driver Installer automatically detects new drivers to establish a connection for optimal Bluetooth functionality. You can follow the instructions in the app to troubleshoot and install new software. The free platform protects information with a recovery point function. The program is available in English and is suitable for Microsoft Windows PCs. It’s new. Despite the outdated aesthetic, Bluetooth driver installers constantly update software every year. You can browse the official website to see the latest software updates, privacy policy, cookie settings, etc.