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Play Android games on your computer for free. BlueStacks App Player is a free Android platform for computer games. It lets you play your favorite Android games – and other apps – directly from the comfort of your computer, without plugging in your phone or adjusting your monitor. BlueStacks is a huge resource, so you need to be careful not to limit your PC games to your PC, but Android games have come a long way recently and it’s no surprise you may want the best wherever you go, even if it’s on your PC. BlueStacksApp Player is a Windows Android emulator that does just that. So what does it do? (Function () {(‘view-application-page-desktop’);}); Downloading and installing BlueStacks BlueStacks Downloading BlueStacks is very easy, but the installation process took a little longer than we would like. This is understandable – it’s a complicated program – but we were disappointed that installation was not the only place we could stop hanging. The BlueStacks design is attractive and easy to navigate, but the app hides several options and complex settings and, as will be revealed later, you will want to get to know them sooner rather than later. Adding Android games and apps Adding games and apps is very easy – BlueStacks is definitely for players, but there’s no reason you can’t download other types of apps. If you are looking for an Android emulator for some reason, but (as a development), it is best to look for something like Genimotion. To do this, you need to sign in to the Google Account associated with your Android phone. You can search for apps via BlueStacksor directly through the Google Play Store, but when it comes to installing them, it will be done through the Google Play Store. When you find the game you want to play, it is installed on the app in the same way that it would be in your instant – but not synced. Games you have installed via BlueStacks will not be available on your phone, and if you have installed the game on your phone, you will need to download it again to use it in BlueStacks. Encouraging better performance If you plan to use BlueStacks, we recommend you know the settings. There are two reasons for this. First, because the games available on Bluestacks are mobile games, not all of them are designed using the keyboard and mouse. By looking at the settings you will see all the options available to improve interaction with the game – open the Top Game Controls (keyboard icon on the right) to see what you are given. Another reason why you might want to check the settings is that BlueStacksis is unfortunately slow. We played a few games while trying and the games went well, but it is very slow to open games, find and change cards. Some users have reported that some actions on the computer may decrease while using BlueStacks, but this is not something we are aware of. In any case, the app offers BlueStacks speeding tips and we recommend you take note! Best control over Android games When you play a game via BlueStacks, you will get all the game management options on the right side of the screen. Some of them, like full screen, are full scale, but others are very focused on Android envy. How much you use these options depends on what games you play, but look at all of them to see which ones might suit you. Among other services, you will be able to take screenshots and videos, capture macros (toggleactions), set your real or fake location, rotate screens, shake screens, and access advanced mobile controls to help you control mobile apps from your computer – installation. You can save configuration settings for future use or even run several BlueStacks events for bored Android fans If you have decided you must absolutely play Android games on your computer, then BlueStacks is not a bad option. It has improved a lot in recent years and, if you have managed to overcome speed issues, it does a very good job of transferring Android games to your computer. If it’s better for you than competitors like Knock App Player and KOPLAIER it probably depends on what games you play (both have advantages and disadvantages), so check them all out and choose the best one. News The latest version of BlueStacks lets you change tabs without blank screens and fix frequent accidents in different situations.